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Jacquie facilitates workshops to help individuals maimize their potential.
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From the Birthing Your Dreams Conference -- to Encountering God:  More of You to -- Handling Your Money God's Way -- to Church Financial Management and the IRS, Dr. Jacquie speak at these life-changing conferences being held throughout the world.

Dr. Jacquie will be hosting a series of Tele-Conferences and Seminars on topics such as finances, prayer, worship, Overcoming Fear and more.  Stay connected for more information on upcoming tele-conferences.

Looking for a warrior who is passionate about prayer? Invite Dr. Jacquie to teach on prayer and spiritual warfare?
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Maximizing Your Potential: Discover what it takes to maximize your potential in every area of your life and what it takes to live your best life now.
Keynote and Workshop Topics
Handling Your Money God's Way: Discover what stewardship over your finances mean as it pertains to the Word of God. Living beneath our potential is often a matter of how we look at our finances and how we treat it. Learn Kingdom principles for wealth building, debt free living and how to maintain it.
Church Compliance and How to Get There: Church and IRS Compliance! Protect and Empower Your Ministry. Learn real-world strategies that are needed to run a successful ministry. This workshop will help get your church in compliance with state and federal tax laws and help you develop a clear plan for staying compliant.
A Woman of Worth: Loving the Skin I'm In: For years women have been dealing with the issues of low self-esteem, inferiority and insecurity. Dr. Jacquie speaks openly and candidly about dealing with these issues and how they systematically shut down her destiny for years. Discover the keys to destroying these destiny killers and discover what it means to be a woman of worth and love the skin you are in.
Your Place in the Marketplace: Understanding 7 Cultural Mountains of Society: The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence shape our world.  Do you know your mountain of influence? We must understand our position in society and how we can become change agents.
Small Business Management:  Learn the proven keys to starting, maintaining and growing your own business. Many people have dreams of owning their own business, but don't know where to start.  This workshop will get you started on the road to entrepreneurship. (This is also a 12 week Business Course)
Pregnant with A Purpose - Birthing Your Dreams: If you need encouragement to keep you your dreams alive, empowerment to birth your dream, or if you need to be reminded that God is faithful and you are not forgotten, then this conference is for you. What have you always want to do?  What is your dream? How to overcome the trials and hardships in life? Can I still birth my dreams and I have kids?  How do I get the finances to start my dream? How do I stop making the same mistakes and move forward? Is there a purpose for all my pain? Can I break the chains of poverty and live in abundance?
The Art of Spiritual Warfare: Strategies for Effective Spiritual Warfare. Of all the weapons in the world, Gods word is the most powerful, authoritative and razor sharp weapon you will ever encounter. It can release you and those you love from the bondages of demonic influence and opposition. This two edged weapon will transform your trials and tribulations into victorious testimonies for the glory to God. The Art of Spiritual Warfare is your guide to applying biblical truths to every area of your life. A practical and effective resource that will enable you to resist the enemy, stand firm in the Lord and see the power of God transform your life and the lives of others. The Art of Spiritual Warfare is a formidable weapon to add to your spiritual artillery, it will empower you to wage war with confidence.
Dr. Jacquie Hadnot
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