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Dr. Jacquie's Itinerary


Dr Jacquie's ministry provides a wide variety
of motivating and empowering events throughout the
United States.

Check out the schedule below to find out where she is ministering next.  Stay connected to by signing up for our mailing list.
If you would like to invite Dr. Jacquie to speak at your church, conference, or corporate event, please check the booking information below.

Dr. Jacquie's Calendar
Conference & Seminars
Prayer Classes or Services
From the Birthing Your Dreams Conference -- to Encountering God:  More of You to -- Handling Your Money God's Way -- to Church Financial Management and the IRS, Dr. Jacquie speak at these life-changing conferences being held throughout the world.

Dr. Jacquie will be hosting a series of Tele-Conferences and Seminars on topics such as finances, prayer, worship, Overcoming Fear and more.  Stay connected for more information on upcoming tele-conferences.

Looking for a warrior who is passionate about prayer? Invite Dr. Jacquie to teach on prayer and spiritual warfare?
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