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Light for Your Path Magazine
Welcome to my online magazine. It has been on my heart for a while to find a way to share the gospel with everyone I encounter. The Lord impressed upon my heart to create a magazine that would encompass the teachings, messages and other information that would encourage, inspire and motivate you to live a more abundant life.

I pray that this will be a place where you find all the resources you need to equip you for this journey called life. It is my passion to share keys and principles that will help you live, love and overcome to your fullest potential.

For me worship is the key to unlock the very heart of God. It is my prayer that you find within the pages of this magazine elements to help you to grow in your love relationship with the Lord. Deep calls unto deep..

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Light for Your Path Magazine was named after Dr. Jacquie's Radio Broadcast?
Dr. Jacquie began her ministry on radio with a
15 minute broadcast on
two Kansas City stations?
Minister Greg and
Dr. Jacquie started
Glori Radio in 2007?


I thank you for what you did when you came down here from Kansas to bless us. Thank you for everything!

Rashawn Vaughn
Hayti, MO