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About Dr. Jacquie

Dr. Jacquelyn Hadnot is an author, teacher and empowerment speaker whose passion is to teach the bible in a way that change lives. Dr. Jacquie's mission is to encourage, inspire, motivate and activate the gifts of the Spirit in order to raise powerful ministries in the body of Christ. She is becoming a voice on the subject of prayer, worship and spiritual warfare. She is recognized as a modern-day Marketplace Apostle with a strong prophetic and psalmist anointing. She has a revelational teaching ministry with a mandate to saturate the world with the Word of God.

Despite numerous obstacles, challenges, and setbacks, Dr. Jacquie has become a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, Certified Business Coach, Certified Life Coach and Licensed Christian Therapist. She also holds a PHd in Theology. She shares humor, insight, and inspiration with organizations and audiences around the world.

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Jacquie’s heart is to see people arise and walk in the destiny and inheritance of the Lord. She has founded and established It Is Written Ministries, a publication company, an accounting and consulting firm, and a global radio station.  A lecturer, conference speaker, teacher, business trainer, and financial consultant, she provides consulting services to businesses, churches, and individuals.

In addition to her vast experience, Jacquie has a Thd in Pastoral Theology and a Masters in Ministry Leadership. She is also a wife, mother and grandmother. She and her husband, Minister Gregory Hadnot  pastor Agents of Change Empowerment Center in Overland Park Kansas.

Jacquie is passionate about worship, passionate about God, passionate about life, & about how she pursues the heart of God. Her encounters with God have brought her to a place where her corporate worship releases others into opening their hearts God.

In the Marketplace Dr. Jacquie teaches Entrepreneurship to individuals and businesses across the country. She is a sought after speaker on the subjects of small business management, Financial Management, Business Development and more. As a retired accountant and financial executive, Jacquie blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with skills and abilities to take kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Dr. Jacquie Hadnot
Author * Teacher * Empowerment Speaker
Meet Dr. Jacquie
Empowerment Speaker
A dynamic speaker who ignites a passion in an audience. In addition to bringing her passion, fire and enthusiasm, Jacquie, strengthens corporate cultures and inspires individuals to thrive professionally and personally.
Media Personality
Market Place Apostle
She has authored over thirty-five books, manuals, audio and video teachings, and other materials on women's empowerment, marketplace strategies, intimacy with God, prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare. She has also  released several music Cds and received numerous music and book publishing awards.

Jacquie has been a talk-show host on both television and radio with her own programs, The Exchange and Light for Your Path. Weekly she applies God’s wisdom to today’s world solutions. Her ministry goal is to make Christ’s teachings relevant for today. She also publishes a quarterly magazine by the same name.
Her Passion
Ministry Development
She is the founder of the Sisterpreneur Empowerment and Education Program. The Sisterpreneur Education & Empowerment Program is designed to assist women by providing an alternate route to gainful employment through the establishment of their own businesses. The program uplifts women by promoting their successes and fueling the creation of jobs within the community.

The program is designed to teach skills successful entrepreneurs have in common:
  * Resiliency
  * Focus
  * Investing for the long-term
  * Finding and managing people
  * Learning skills
  * Self-reflection
  * Trusting God with the vision