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The music ministry of  Dr. Jacquie embodies the essence of love and worship to the Father.

•  Renewing and refreshing

•  Tapping into the heart of God

•  Ministering the Word of God in a unique blend of spoken word, gospel and jazz

The Extravagant Love of God

More precious than gold, sweeter than the honeycomb.  It's flames are flames of fire, burning through my heart. The Extravagant Love of God. This is the cry of a lovesick heart for the heart of God. Experience the Extravagance of God's love through this CD project.  Jacquie is passionate about worship, passionate about prayer, and passionate about how she connects to the heart of God.  Her passion can be heard in every track of this CD.  Enter into the Listening Room and experience it for yourself.

Featuring:  Art Toombs, Zenobia Smith and Roderick Bettis, Jr.  this is a worship experience you don't want to miss.
The Spoken Word of Love

This is a very intimate album born out of Jacquie’s personal worship time and much of the music pours from the heart and soul of Jacquie’s intimate relationship with the Father. “Every encounter with God during this new season involved love, intimacy, and communication between us.  He often spoke of love and its relationship to our life of prayer, fasting and obedience.  The Spirit of the Lord would bring songs to my heart and each song was more intimate than the first.  One day the Spirit of the Lord said, “The music that you are about to birth for me requires a deeper level of intimacy, therefore you must go deeper into me.””
His Mercy Endures Forever

Throughout the ages, the Psalms have demonstrated the true love relationship between God and man because they are the prayers and written evidence that has proven the intense desire of man to seek the very heart of God on a deep and personal level. Today, the Psalms are needed more than ever before.

The message of love and compassion on "His Mercy Endures forever-Praying the Psalms" goes beyond typical lip service and delivers a very special end-time anointing of peace and heart felt love, which is experienced throughout this very special project. All who have listened to this CD believe it is a rare and delightful CD, which allows the listener to know that truly God is still able to minister to the lost and weary through His Word.